Bamboo SUP: The Greenest Board Available

Summer is just around the corner and you’re sure to be craving for some fun on the water. If you are the type who wants to paddle board whilst maintaining the health of the environment, then it is perhaps the right time for you to finally rid yourself of old paddle boards that are made of materials and substances that are toxic to Mother Nature. The good news is that stand up paddle boards for sale now include the option of bamboo, which is highly renewable and thus beneficial for the environment. Nevertheless, not every paddle board company can provide customers with bamboo boards, so it is highly imperative that you find out first which company to trust.

The advantages and benefits of using a bamboo SUP are undeniable. Since bamboo is a naturally-occurring material there is no threat that comes along with its usage. Other paddle boards make use of substandard carbon technology that in one way or another damages the environment. Choosing a quality bamboo SUP from the many stand up paddle boards for sale in the market today means you are reducing your impact on the environment.

Elixir Board Co. is one of the only paddle board companies with a commendable reputation for using green technology. Its wide range of available stand up paddle boards reflects its dedication to producing products that are environmentally conscious. In relation to bamboo technology, the company manufactures two types of paddle boards that utilize bamboo as their main component: The all-rounder board and the touring board. Both are made to perform well in lakes and surf-quality waters. The company simply replaced the epoxy layers of the traditional board and used bamboo instead. This makes the board lighter and durable to match everyone's sporting needs while remaining eco-friendly.

If you are looking for the right paddle board for this summer and many summers to come, Elixir Board Co. is the first company you should consider. Its commendable collection of paddle boards is guaranteed to satisfy your needs to the bare bone. At Elixir Board Co., there is undoubtedly one paddle board perfect for you in its entire set of stand up paddle boards for sale. Don't miss out on the summer heat and the ultimate fun under the sun, so choose your own paddle board today. Get more information about paddle boards constructed with bamboo at

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